Cannes Lions 2017: Observations from La Croisette

Clarity has been at Cannes Lions in France this week, meeting up with clients and prospects, making contacts, attending keynotes and – of course – partying with the great and the good of the world’s creative industries. Sara Collinge, MD of Clarity London and Ruth Sarfaty, MD of Clarity New York covered every inch of

WTF is Cannes Lions?

I thought the Lions were in New Zealand at the moment. That’s rugby’s British and Irish Lions, who are playing a three-test series against the All Blacks at the moment. Cannes Lions has nothing to do with sport, although there will be a bit of a scrum in the south of France, all the same.

How content can generate B2B leads

Are you struggling to generate new leads for your B2B business? Have you exhausted your personal network, or spent a ton of money on SEO only to be disappointed by the results? Or are companies visiting your website, but failing to cross the great divide from prospect to customer? Over the past few years one

Five things fintech firms should look for in a PR agency

We recently wrote about how working with PR agencies can benefit companies in the fintech sector. But what should fintech firms be looking for in a PR agency? In this guest post, we asked Clarity client Sophie Guibaud, Vice President European Expansion at Fidor Bank, to outline five qualities she looks for in a PR agency.

Will banning AVEs actually work? Probably not

You probably know what we think of advertising value equivalent (AVEs) metrics at Clarity PR, following our UK MD, Sara Collinge’s piece in February on the topic. However, the industry debate just continues to rumble on. Following on from Sara’s piece, The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) is now going to publish a new

Adtech vendors need to be their customers’ best friends

It has been one of the fastest success stories in technology. “Adtech” – the collective name for platforms helping advertising buyers and sellers to target, trade and transact – has been booming. In recent years, the sector has seen a flood of investment, as venture capitalists poured money in to a segment that facilitates the

How working with a PR agency can boost a fintech company

If you’ve never heard of the term fintech then you are probably in the minority. It’s been in the media spotlight for several years now, sparked by a wave of innovative new businesses offering slick financial services to consumers, or enabling technologies to banks and retailers to enable them to operate more effectively. The movement

How to make an impact at events and conferences

Congratulations, you’ve decided to take the plunge and exhibit at a conference! It’s a costly decision and not one to be taken lightly, though if you take these simple tricks and tips into consideration, you can ensure your event goes ahead without a hitch.

The reasons why Venture Capitalists need PR

It is incredible to think that it was ever the case, but there once was a time when Venture Capitalists were perceived by entrepreneurs as almost mythical creatures – shy individuals who shunned publicity and were barely traceable online. That clearly isn’t the case anymore as VCs jostle with each other to garner the most

General Election 2017 – who is winning the PR war?

We’ve had a little over a week to get over the surprise of a snap General Election being called for 8 June. Political analysts seem to be fairly unanimous in their reading of the strategy – it looks as if it will help the Conservative party boost their majority and weaken opponents, easing the course