Clarity and iotec help bring transparency to the adtech industry

Digital advertising is a £165 billion industry, but it is one that has a fairly significant problem. Yet after a gathering of key decision makers last week, we may be one step closer to a long-term solution. Let’s take a step back. Think about the way you’ll spend your day today, from avoiding eye contact

Twitter’s second coming – and why it matters for PRs

It might not surprise you to discover that the Clarity team are serious news junkies. We spend mornings combing through round up emails, poring over the papers old school style and checking online feeds for live updates. The source that invariably delivers the news quicker than anyone else though is of course Twitter. Sure the

How Artificial Intelligence is going to shape earned media in 2018

So what do you think are the key trends that will shape earned media in 2018? Are they likely to be technologically-driven? Or are the most significant changes going to be cultural ones that are a response to the ever evolving world of news media? Gorkana asked a series of experts for their predictions for 2018 and came

Where are they now? Clarity’s ed-tech alumni

The UK now has as many education technology companies as those in the financial technology space – and the country attracts a third of all Europe’s ed-tech investments, according to research for this year’s London EdTech Week. Learning is close to the hearts at Clarity. That is why the company last year selected the UK

Things to consider before engaging in a Christmas PR campaign

Christmas is one of the key sales periods for any product business. Alongside an integrated marketing campaign, engaging a PR company for that well-needed sales boost over the festive period is a very effective way to increase brand awareness and get your product in front of the people who are most likely to buy it.