Data proves the strategy behind issuing a Friday press release

“When is the best time to send my email?” In marketing, there is a host of analysis, best practice and science behind answering that thorny question. In public relations, not so much. This is an industry that has long relied on qualitative tactics and gut instinct. Until now. Because data can, in fact, validate whether

The best Augmented Reality experiences on iOS11

The launch of iOS11 has opened up a massive new audience for Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that has so far struggled to break through to the mainstream.   While we’ve been talking about the concept of putting digital layers on top of real-world environments to literally augment reality for several years, it hadn’t really

How do you PR an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Why getting media coverage for Initial Coin Offerings is changing Got your head round Blockchain yet? Become an authority on cryptocurrency? One of the key technologies of 2017 is, ironically enough, also one of the most complicated. For a quick primer visit here. Yet Blockchain could potentially disrupt so many industries, which is why so

Five B2B tech companies that are brilliant at content marketing

How many B2B tech companies do you know that describe themselves as ‘innovative’, ‘agile’ or ‘disruptive’? So many tech companies have come to sound the same and that makes it hard to differentiate between them – brands need to be creative with content marketing if they want to stand out from the crowd.   Engaging,

WTF is blockchain? An explainer

It’s a word that keeps cropping up, and it’s supposedly set to transform a number of different industries in the very near future – so why can so few people seem to explain what blockchain is?   Just the name of the technology and the way the word is used generate confusion. Some argue that

Adtech goes to DMEXCO to prove its worth

Rarely has an industry segment endured such a reversal in sentiment.   Just a couple of short years ago, advertising technology was hot. After all, new-wave platforms, programmatic tools, measurement systems and attribution suppliers help publishers, advertisers and agencies achieve greater efficiency and better results.   Then came the transparency troubles. P&G’s marketing chief gave

Five key consumer electronics trends that will own the rest of 2017

September and October are arguably the two busiest month in the year for consumer electronics. The new products begin to roll out at the IFA exhibition held in Berlin and keep going through until November. Along the way there are likely to be high profile new launches from Apple, Samsung and LG plus a raft

How to make the most of August in PR and comms

Unbelievably, August is nearly upon us. Traditionally August is seen as the quiet month – everyone is on holiday, or so it seems, so projects get paused and things get put on hold, making for a busy September.   Well, this might not all be quite true – as we’ll explain in a post later

The fintech firms flying the flag for London

As it’s London Fintech Week, we’ve taken a quick look at some of the fintech companies that are flying the flag for London right now.   London’s status as the world’s premier fintech hub is by no means assured, with strong challenges coming from Silicon Valley, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. And with some

The best fintech blogs and newsletters: Our top 8 picks

It’s London Fintech Week this week, a series of conferences, exhibitions and parties where delegates from around the world gather to learn, network and promote this burgeoning industry.   While Silicon Valley, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore can all put forward a strong claim, London is very keen to flaunt its credentials and declare