Will AI replace public relations professionals?

Is PR the kind of job that could ultimately end up being done by robots? While practitioners will point to the fact that PR is traditionally a relationship-based game, there are a number of tedious tasks that it could make sense to automate. Sending out press releases on the wires, for a start. Artificial Intelligence

German fintech and Brexit – Don’t panic, it’s politics

There have been many predictions from many different people on what is to come for the German finance and technology sector after Brexit. In reality no one knew before and no one knows now how it will all pan out. However, there are some things that are getting clearer as time passes by. The most obvious thing everyone

Five observations about MWC 2017

This year’s Mobile World Congress was a rather strange affair. For in spite of the showcasing of transformative technologies like 5G and the Internet of Things, it was actually a feature phone from a trusted old brand that stole the show. 1. Nokia takes us back to the future The biggest queues at the Fira

Why it’s not OK for a CEO to be rude to anyone

It’s the kind of thing that most PR professionals have nightmares about. While clients can often feel aggrieved when they receive negative coverage, if they actually decide to attack the journalist responsible in a public forum such as Twitter, you have a disaster on your hands. So, like most of the rest of the people

Is your startup ready for PR?

We’d love to say that your startup should have a PR agency in place from the get go, however, this isn’t always the case. Regardless of how brilliant, innovative and unique your startup is you still need all your ducks in a row in order for a PR agency to create an effective strategy that

PR Measurement: Why it is time to retire AVEs for good

Once, not that long ago, the introduction of AVEs prompted PR people to put away their rulers in favour of a more commercial measurement technique for brands’ media coverage. But now, the continued use of AVEs smacks of a quiet desperation. They are like a sad embodiment of PR’s inferiority complex towards the advertising community

Choosing a global PR agency

Ambitious companies looking to expand to new territories face a number of challenges. Finding an office, hiring staff, thinking about infrastructure and getting through all of the red tape and paperwork have to be considered. On top of this they will need to think about how they connect with customers and partners in their new

How to get noticed without a PR agency

What’s the ideal time for a company to start thinking about PR? Our answer (of course) would be: From the very beginning. However, while your product might still be on the drawing board, with no full-time employees on your books or revenue being generated, actually engaging with a PR agency doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t

What content marketing can do for your B2B brand

Content marketing is a term that most, if not all, B2B brands will have heard. So what is content marketing and what can it do for a B2B brand? Brands in the B2B space need to use every tool at their disposal to reach, grow and engage their target audience. While earned media – coverage

How adtech companies can differentiate themselves

It is one of the deepest ironies in business, to me, that the sector which does the worst job at communicating itself is… the advertising industry. The agencies started it. Most of them are a labyrinthine mess comprising hundreds of distinct operating units and sub-agencies. Behold, Publicis Groupe’s confusing announcement of Publicis One, a consolidation