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We know that getting your big idea in front of the right journalists, investors and influencers is a top priority for any early-stage business. But we also get that  a full-scale PR programme with a top agency, isn’t always achievable for fledgling companies.

This got us thinking.

How can we use our tech PR expertise to help exciting, young companies take the first steps towards building a brand, without breaking the bank?

Enter Launchpad.

Our menu of tried-and-tested PR services is available to European startups and delivered by our team of specialists in London and Berlin.  

It’s pretty simple really. You get access to the PR expertise without a long term commitment, and we get to unearth and help grow the future superstars of the startup community. So drop us a line,

Launchpad services are exclusively available to European startups who’re yet to raise their first round of venture capital.  So if that’s you, just drop us a line and we’ll share more information.



A Press Kit is a bank of media-facing assets that can be hosted on your website, or sent to journalists upon request. It’s everything a journalist will need to understand and start covering your story.


Clarity’s in-house former journalists will work with you to craft compelling content ideas before drafting insightful articles and placing them in the media on your behalf.


Our content team are experts at bringing stories to life. We’ll help you explain your complex technology proposition or enable you to visualise your data by producing a single image.


Whether you’re practising for an upcoming event or keen to understand the fundamentals of how to interview well on-camera, we’ll prepare you for the spotlight to help you make the most of every media opportunity and interview like a pro.


Having a clear social media strategy is a key part of any early-stage startups’ marketing plan. Our bespoke service sets you up for success by providing expert recommendations on which channels are right for you, what content you should be sharing and the best metrics to track to analyse your progress.


Each of our tailored website audits is led by our in-house content strategists. They’ll provide analysis of your SEO performance, current engagement rate and tailored recommendations for improving the user experience.

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