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As a tech PR agency, Clarity PR pride ourselves in offering results driven technology PR and social media that has the potential to catapult your startup into its next phase.By employing only senior people, we have a team that has the skill set and expertise to drive your brand forward. Our understanding of how the tech industry works is second to none, and because most of our team are ex journalists or bloggers – our approach to PR is specific to the journalists we want to reach.Our team is spread across the UK, Europe, America and Australia – meaning we really do offer a worldwide reach for our clients. Our PR Consultants come from the likes of BBC, Telegraph and Reuters, as well as technology specific titles like MacWorld, Mashable, Techradar and Gigaom.
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Tech PR used to mean working with IT companies, or huge software distributors. in 2013, tech PR covers a multitude of industries and markets – everything from finance, manufacturing, travel, marketing and much much more.As a tech PR agency we have the privilege of helping some of the most exciting startups and brands grow their influence through media coverage.Whether it is through positioning a startup in TechCrunch, so that they will be able to pitch to investors with authority, or appearing in the Daily Mail so that they can engage with their target audience – Clarity PR offers a customised approach that fits your goals.If you would like to know more about the clients we work with and the approaches we take, have a look at our Clients page. For more information on the services that we can offer, browse our Services page.
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Unlike other PR agencies, we don’t work with just anyone – we work with technology focused startups. By being specific with who we work with, our focus is never diluted, and we always know the best way to attract media attention in your industry.We have staff members, whose job it is to monitor trends and movements in technology, and predict the next move for the industry. From this knowledge, we can help our clients target their outreach in the freshest and most relevant way.Our blog is a repository of knowledge and insight into the industry we work in. If you want to know if we practice what we preach take a read.As a tech PR agency, we work solely with innovative startups. Those who are looking to create something new – something different that has the potential to make the world a better place. If that’s you then get in touch and talk to us about how we can increase your reach and build your profile.

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