Clarity at CES – what’s the buzz?

CES is a tech writer’s content dream. Everyone is writing about it but because there are so many new products, announcements and cool startups (not to mention workshops and gossip) to talk about, it just doesn’t get old.

Clarity’s US team have been at CES the last few days. They say the most popular products at this year’s CES seem to be drones and those that focused their offering on augmented and virtual reality.

The team is soon going to be giving us an update on their picks for startups to watch in 2016, but in the meantime, these are the primary on-the-ground buzz topics as reported by Clarity’s T. Anthony Patterson:                        


During CES, Netflix announced they were immediately releasing the online streaming service in over 130 countries. Boom, just like that… world domination. Or something like that. No one really saw it coming, either. This puts them in almost every country in the world, with plans to move into China in 2016.                                                                                                                                               

The question now is not so much, “where does this leave traditional pay and cable TV services?” but “how will they fight back” or maybe, more pessimistically, “when will they fold?”


On Tuesday, Oculus was the scene stealer. It was mayhem around their stand the entire day – hour long queues to see their demo version of the new Oculus Rift – set to be available later in 2016. If you’re interested in learning more, PC Mag posted this first impression piece yesterday.

Queue for Oculus demonstration
Queue for Oculus demonstration


You heard that right. Kodak had a notable presence at CES. They brought a bit of nostalgia to the show, doing a good job of gauging the audience. Bringing to the table a mix of old and new and an announcement that they’re releasing an updated version of their old Super 8 camera from the 80s – designed by Yves Behar.


Drone technology is just getting more useful and cooler. Fleye, who specialise in innovate aerial film and photography, announced that they’re on the brink of developing a drone which keeps its movable parts inside a protective outer covering, meaning it can bump into people without doing any damage.

Fleye demonstration
Fleye demonstration

Star Wars

It’s probably not much of a surprise that that CES was still gripped by Star Wars fever and the hype around the highly anticipated movie hadn’t died down. Sphero had a clever tie-in with Star Wars with the release of their Star Wars force band. This unique toy proved really popular and there were swarms of people hanging about the stand all day for a chance for the force to be with them… for bit.


Our male correspondent was a bit freaked out by this, to be honest, but says it was one of the most interesting demos he saw. The stand was set with a woman in a white wedding dress against a white background, demonstrating the various apps within Modiface. The most interesting of which was the ability to get a virtual makeover. You stand in front of a camera and it applies make-up, eye shadow, contact lenses, etc. to your current look.


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