Introducing Clarity Amplify

Today is a big day for Clarity.

Clarity Amplify – our first proprietary technology product – officially launches today.

Amplify automates the process of extending the reach and longevity of earned media and owned content via paid channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We noticed our clients love to see earned media coverage live-on beyond the day it’s first published.

After doing so much work on messaging, positioning and pitching to land that amazing coverage hit, it makes total sense to further sweat the investment through paid channels. So far, those clients who have used the service have loved it.

We also hope Amplify will prove a great way to create new relationships with future clients. It’s open to anyone: you don’t need to be a Clarity client to use it and it’s very low-cost and low-friction to give it a try.

Launching Amplify is a big step in realising one of our five growth strategies: to invest in developing proprietary technology to make us more effective, efficient and drive ever greater value for our clients.

We see a huge opportunity to build products that help us deliver more campaign impact, whilst creating efficiencies that empower our people to focus on doing what they do best.

Amplify was built by our amazing new product team based in a new Clarity office situated at the southern end of Silicon Valley in Santa Cruz.

Led by serial technology entrepreneur Sol Lipman, our nimble team of three Silicon Valley veterans is building a series of products that will make us a more effective agency, whilst providing a powerful point of differentiation.

Amplify is just the first of many Clarity products we have planned. Watch this space!

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