Key mobile trends for 2018 – what we learned from MWC

So what are the key trends in mobile likely to be this year? The place to find out is the Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona last week. Now that the largest event that’s focused on all things relating to mobile technology has wrapped up, we’ve taken a look at five of Mobile World Congress’ most exciting (and in some instances most questionable) announcements.

Oldies are still goodies

Last year, Nokia stole the show with the resurrection of the ‘indestructible’ old time favourite, the Nokia 3310. This year, the tech giant continued to ride the retro wave and announced a revamped version of the Nokia 8110, which was made iconic from The Matrix. The Nokia 8110 was aptly known as the banana phone, which has seemed to have sparked the novel idea of releasing the device in not only in the traditional black but also in, you guessed it, yellow. Now only time (and consumers) will tell if this throwback will be able to make the same crater as the Nokia 3310 did.

Is it time to say goodbye to (the 3.5mm) Jack?

The 3.5mm jack has been a staple in technology hardware for decades however, when the iPhone 7 arrived, the once loved port was removed. This marked the beginning of the end for wired headphones. Fast-forward almost two years and the likes of Nokia have decided to do away with the 3.5mm jack. However, tech giants including LG and Samsung have decided to hold out a little bit longer by holding strong. Speaking of Samsung…


Emoji’s have taken over the world, they are in your favourite newsletters, transformed into cuddly pillows and there was even a film made about them (which I’m guessing you didn’t see). Samsung has taken the emoji craze one step further by creating AR Emoji. Imagine sticking your face on top of a Sims character (yes, that creepy). Using an image of your face, users can create an avatar that (is supposed) to look like themselves. If this hasn’t tempted you to get a Samsung Galaxy S9, well the brand also announced it would be introducing Disney characters into the mix.

Imitation is the best form of flattery

One thing we’ve all noticed is that smartphones these days are all starting to look the same. Apple’s iPhone X has had many a mixed review, but the design has seemed to be of the envy of brands such as Doogee, Blackview, UleFone and one of the more well-known mobile brands, Asus, who announced the launch of Asus Zenfone 5. Asus’ global head of marketing, Marcel Campos was reported saying about the similarities ‘Some people will say it’s copying Apple, but we cannot get away from what users want. You have to follow the trends.”

Flip it and reverse it

The days of hearing that satisfying ‘snap’ sound when you closed your flip phone are back (well if you live in China). Samsung unveiled the W2018, sporting a sleek gold and black flip phone that sports two screens (one on the front and inside). The phone will also a feature a dial-pad so you can really get that big-kick of nostalgia. The W2018 has been reported to be priced at an eye-watering $3,000 (£2,140), so if you’re really wanting to splash out for one of the flashiest flip-phones around, you might need to start saving up the pennies.

Words – Darryl King


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