It’s fair to assume that the chances of dying of a shark attack are greater than dying from a coconut hitting you on the head, but the truth of the matter is that the latter is 30 times more likely to kill you.  Not surprisingly, there is far more news coverage of shark attacks, so, voila, we think they’re more common. This is called “the availability heuristic.”

The true power of news coverage is how it impacts the way humans process information and make judgments; it’s a mental shortcut that our brains naturally take where we assume that when a brand is mentioned frequently, it’s automatically more important, more “valuable”, just because it’s been included.

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At Clarity we have had an intriguing year working with a number of clients who are either preparing for an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or are looking to consolidate and increase brand awareness after a raise.

We have written about ICOs in the past – but now is a good time to take stock and look to see if we can spot any emerging trends that will shape ICOs in the new year. Has the ICO had its day? Will it evolve into something else? Here are our thoughts.

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One of the many interesting things about CES in recent years has been the incredible number of French startups who make the trip to Vegas. The gallic contingent significantly dwarfing the entourages from any other European country. At CES Unveiled Paris , which was held in early October, attendees got a sneak preview of some of the hottest new French companies – here are six that caught our eye.

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Today is a hugely exciting one for Clarity PR as we announce the purchase of San Francisco PR company DRSmedia.

With this acquisition, Clarity has offices in four key locations: London, New York, Berlin and now San Francisco.

Our founder and CEO Sami McCabe, told PR Week;

“This is in step with our growth strategy, one of the pillars of which is expanding our physical locations. We’ve always had clients on the West Coast. And in the Bay area we have primarily worked with tech companies so it’s long been in our plans to have a physical presence there.”

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So it seems that much of the world, and especially England, has been sidetracked by the World Cup (and let’s not forget Love Island), but while all eyes have been on Russia, Instagram unveiled an innovation that might just have a huge impact on content marketing – IGTV.

In case you were too engrossed in Saudi Arabia Vs Russia and missed the announcement  – IGTV is a long-form, vertical video platform that is available in the Instagram app as well as a standalone IGTV app. Obviously individuals and brands have been able to upload videos to Instagram for while but there have been limitations. IGTV addresses these and then some…

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Some wonderful news to start the week. Clarity client Loqate (a GBG company) landed the PR Campaign of the Year award at Computing’s Tech, Marketing and Innovation Awards on Friday. The award  – given for Clarity and Loqate’s Ecommerce Trends, ‘Retail’s Golden Quarter’, campaign – was awarded for our PR campaign delivered during Q4 2017.

This award recognises excellence in brands’ use of PR activities and activation, along with partner marketing initiatives. Computing’s citation said that the “judges were looking for a well-thought out campaign that considers context, audience, timing and virality.”

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Last week was big one for Clarity PR. As an agency with a heritage in fintech, and a highly experienced and energetic emerging technology team, there really was only one place to be – Money 2020 in Amsterdam.

We were very proud to work with our clients in ensuring that they maximised the potential the event afforded them for both publicity and networking.

Here are a few quick thoughts about the event.

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We might have widely differing musical tastes, never agree on which is the best sport and always argue about food. If there is one thing though that the Clarity team is united on it is our passion for podcasts.

We all agree that there really is no better way to get through those challenging commutes than with white buds popped in our ears and smart people informing us about our favourite subjects.

So here are a few of our favourite podcasts as chosen by the team.

We are also hugely proud that one of our team members, Jay Kolbe, has his own in the guise of the Blockchain Bridge podcast. You can hear Jay and his cohorts in action discussing everything blockchain, from tokenization through to regulation, here

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Some 8,200 people attended Consensus 2018, part of Blockchain Week in New York City from May 14—18, and the big surprise is that there weren’t many. Except of course if you count the fact that the value of cyrptocurrencies plummeted by week’s end.

Myriad satellite events took place throughout the week, and not to toot Clarity’s own horn but the Monster Token Event of the Century event we put together for our Securitize client was a raging success, according to everyone who attended. (Toot, toot).

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