What we are reading – the key stories so far from 2018 – Blockchain, GDPR, AI, Vero and more

Some of the key stories of the last two months from the worlds of marketing, PR, social media and technology

Is Facebook still an important place for brands? – The changes in the way it constructs the news feeds, largely as a response to the criticism it has been receiving from the media in articles like this, has got brands asking questions. Here is a good summary of the issues.

Do we need another social media platform? – yes there is a big buzz about Vero at the moment, but can this new-ish ad free networks really take on the likes of Instagram and Snapchat?

Can Blockchain transform the media? The first Blockchain powered media startups are emerging with big ambitions. Here’s two to keep an eye on Civil and Po.et.

International women’s dayare brands starting to go too far in the way they newsjack the day?

Are marketing departments of brands still clueless about AI?

Why PRs need to focus on actual business outcomes for their clients and not soft metrics. Good read about issues facing the PR world.

Why startups and brands need to start taking longform content more seriously.

GDPR inches ever closer. Are you ready?

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