Six great French startups from CES Unveiled Paris

One of the many interesting things about CES in recent years has been the incredible number of French startups who make the trip to Vegas. The gallic contingent significantly dwarfing the entourages from any other European country. At CES Unveiled Paris , which was held in early October, attendees got a sneak preview of some of the hottest new French companies – here are six that caught our eye.



Anyone for a smart shower? This startup has developed a system that enables consumers to keep water wastage to a minimum. It delivers instant hot water, automatically stops the flow when you walk away and collects data, giving you empirical evidence of just how long you spend in the shower.


Strasbourg-based Transchain has set itself an ambitious task, to harness blockchain to totally automate and digitise the supply chain for many different types of businesses. Its package includes the digitisation of all the documents, automating shipping, quality control and whole lot more. It focuses on using the stability and transparency of the blockchain and the way that smart contracts can seamlessly automate transactions.

Notilo Plus iBubble

It might look like a baby Yellow Submarine, but the Notilo Plus iBubble is in fact an underwater drone, which is set to reach the market soon. The big story is the way that it uses AI and other technologies to accompany divers, capturing footage as it goes. Its automated approach means that divers can then enjoy their dive and not have to concern themselves with optimising the camera. The only interaction between person and drone is via a smart bracelet. The iBubble will ship in November and retail for around $4000.


Coinplus’ card – called the Solo Card – is designed to provide an easy and affordable way for anyone to store bitcoin or another type of cryptocurrency. It is a plastic card in which the person’s account information is engraved. Users can cash in or cash out and as the card has no electronics, it cannot be hacked. It will be interesting to see if it catches on.



Debussy is a high-end personal music system that its makers claim has been created by audiophiles for audiophiles. The twist is that it boasts 4G and wifi on board enabling users to stream music directly to the headset. The company is going to debut the Debussy on Kickstarter very soon.

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