The OpenOcean CEO Summit, which features speakers from the company’s clients and across its network, was once again a fascinating and in some ways challenging event. It offered not just a deep dive into the future of tech, but also into the way in which tomorrow’s innovations will be funded and developed too.

One of the most prominent debates focused Artificial Intelligence and how it is likely to be harnessed in the coming decade. Open Ocean lined up a stellar line up of panelists including Mike Hyde, Facebook’s Director of Data Science, Peter Lee CEO of Rapidminer and Alex Housley CEO of Seldon.

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So what do you think are the key trends that will shape earned media in 2018? Are they likely to be technologically-driven? Or are the most significant changes going to be cultural ones that are a response to the ever evolving world of news media?

Gorkana asked a series of experts for their predictions for 2018 and came up with four major trends, two tech and two cultural, that it believes anyone in earned media needs to be following. Among the experts who peered into their virtual crystal balls for Gorkana was our very own MD Sara Collinge.

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