Vacations are Good

When the parking attendant asked me how it was, he wasn’t talking about the latest Jason Bourne movie or dinner at The Red Cat, he was talking about the breathtaking sunset at Lambert’s Cove, Martha’s Vineyard: the sun glowing, sinking into the Sound, silently, and in this case signaling the end of a perfectly beautiful vacation.

We all know that vacation is a time to take stock, reflect and enjoy family and friends, but this vacation was especially restorative. While appreciating the simple beauty around us, the challenge each year is how to make our stay unique – but the truth is there’s nothing routine about this respite.

So in addition to annual pursuits like biking, hiking, kayaking and too much ice cream (pistachio, cherry chip, toasted coconut, etc.), we saw talks by humorist David Sedaris, new best-selling author and almost-client Martha Kelly, American thinker Noam Chomsky, native Martha’s Vineyarder Carly Simon – and her kids, Ben and Sally, and we attended a performance of The Moth. Wow. Overwhelming when I think about it.

I’m actually (almost) ready to be back! I say almost because in my zeal to get to the office early today, I left my phone in my car. I guess that’s a good sign… a part of me is still lying on the beach.


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