Clarity’s take on Money 2020 – blockchain, PSD2 and crypto

Last week was big one for Clarity PR. As an agency with a heritage in fintech, and a highly experienced and energetic emerging technology team, there really was only one place to be – Money 2020 in Amsterdam.

We were very proud to work with our clients in ensuring that they maximised the potential the event afforded them for both publicity and networking.

Here are a few quick thoughts about the event.

1 Blockchain is a massive topic

Pretty much everywhere you went in Money 2020 someone was holding court making bold predictions for the future of the technology. According to the seers it will either deliver the shot in the arm the banking industry needs, or kill it off altogether. What was notable though was very real hunger for case studies. The theory is fascinating, but for many people in the fintech industry it is still wait and see as they look for effective proof points to emerge. It feels in some ways that finetch is in a holding pattern waiting for blockchain to establish itself and deliver very tangible solutions.

2 Crypto is coming

Another key trend is that the number of crypto based companies at the show is starting to grow. And they are highly credible companies invariably run by fintech veterans who have new and interesting visions for how crypto can disrupt financial services. As Monty Mumford noted in Forbes namechecking a couple of Clarity clients.

“Then there was crypto. Of course there was crypto. A breakfast meeting with Russian-born Olga Feldmeier, (pictured with her team at the event) the ‘Queen of Cryptovalley’ in Switzerland’s crypto hub of Zug brought early champagne flutes when we realised we’d shared the same birthday two days previously.

The conversation brought forth stories of her role as Smart Valor CEO, also Switzerland’s eminence as a blockchain-supporting country and her passion about this new world of money.

Other interesting companies were Brazil-based Atlas Quantum, sounding like a James Bond film but actually a platform for automated investment in Bitcoin.”

3 Still a big focus on PSD2 and open banking in Europe

It has only been five months since PSD2 was implemented and created the opportunity for the banking industry in Europe to become more transparent and open. Yet once again there seemed a feeling abroad at the show that companies are still working out what the ramifications of the legislation actually are.

4 Asia is coming

European fintech companies are clearly in no position feel in anyway comfortable. There is a growing feeling that big disruption is on its way from Asia. Companies like Ant Financial/Alipay could challenge their European contemporaries because of their scale and speed.

Words – Callum McCaig

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