We might have widely differing musical tastes, never agree on which is the best sport and always argue about food. If there is one thing though that the Clarity team is united on it is our passion for podcasts.

We all agree that there really is no better way to get through those challenging commutes than with white buds popped in our ears and smart people informing us about our favourite subjects.

So here are a few of our favourite podcasts as chosen by the team.

We are also hugely proud that one of our team members, Jay Kolbe, has his own in the guise of the Blockchain Bridge podcast. You can hear Jay and his cohorts in action discussing everything blockchain, from tokenization through to regulation, here

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Some 8,200 people attended Consensus 2018, part of Blockchain Week in New York City from May 14—18, and the big surprise is that there weren’t many. Except of course if you count the fact that the value of cyrptocurrencies plummeted by week’s end.

Myriad satellite events took place throughout the week, and not to toot Clarity’s own horn but the Monster Token Event of the Century event we put together for our Securitize client was a raging success, according to everyone who attended. (Toot, toot).

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Noticed that you are receiving a lot of communications from companies asking you to opt in to their emails recently? That’s because we are now just days aways from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) across the EU and potentially massive fines for companies who transgress it (up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover, whichever is greater).

In spite of its imminent implementation there is still a lot of discussion about how publishers, agencies and brands should respond to it. For example, the publishing industry and Google are still at loggerheads as to how they will work together in the future. Two weeks ago execs of four major groups; Digital Content Next, European Publishers Council, News Media Alliance and the News Media Association, which represent over 4000 publishers, issued an open letter to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, criticising the company for its plans for GDPR which it unveiled last month.

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A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to attend a conference curated by the Midlands branch of the CIPR – the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, at Birmingham City University.

There were many great sessions, which among other things looked at the how the BBC serves the Midlands and how technology will change the way PRs interact with the media in the future.

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Every now and then we give Clarity’s employees the chance to share a little more about their lives, careers and favourite things.

This time it is Callum McCaig, our recently arrived Account Director, in the spotlight. Callum joined from fintech startup Curve, where he led communications and successfully managed its European launch. Previous to this, he worked with a range of VC-backed startups and global tech brands at Metia and Burson-Marsteller.

At Clarity Callum oversees domestic and international client campaigns, helps drive new business and supports the senior management. He has lots of experience in fintech and is an expert in emerging tech like blockchain.

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One of the most frequently told stories in media circles in the last couple of years is the way in which the contagion of fake news has actually benefited serious journalism.

Titles that were once struggling to convince readers to part with money for subscriptions and memberships found themselves in the thick of the battle against fake news, and readers suddenly seemed happy to put their hands in their pockets.

The New York Times reported a 10% growth year on year, and The Guardian is on course to hit one million paid supporters in the next year. There’s even a blockchain based media platform coming called Civil which promotes quality journalism yet is leading on reader funded revenue rather than advertising.

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Clarity’s London MD, Sara Collinge, recently wrote an article for PR Week about an issue that is very close to her heart – the way that brands target women.

As Sara says

“There is no one-size-fits-all and brands are making too many assumptions about what it takes to engage with a female market. As businesses clamour to attract more women they’re jumping on the bandwagon and launching initiatives without enough knowledge and understanding of who exactly they’re trying to reach, and what they care about.”

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If you are planning on launching an ICO at some point in the near future then the last few weeks have probably caused you to re-calibrate your plans. The news that social networks have chosen to ban Crypto and ICO ads is not entirely surprising given the concerns about some of the entities that are being created. Yet it does in many ways impinge on the plans of serious ICO based companies who are now deprived of one of their key marketing tactics. At the time of writing Google is still accepting ICO ads, but the company says that it will introduce new guidelines in June.

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Newsjacking. It’s an incredibly useful strategy for brands looking to raise their profile – particularly within the UK. But many people don’t know much about newsjacking as a tactic – what goes into it, when it’s appropriate (and not so appropriate), why it’s a great tactic, who should comment, and how to go about it successfully.

Given that it’s a reliable tactic for PR and marketing pros alike, it’s worth digging deeper into who, what, when, why, and how newsjacking can be used to amplify brands and position spokespeople as experts within the press.

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The OpenOcean CEO Summit, which features speakers from the company’s clients and across its network, was once again a fascinating and in some ways challenging event. It offered not just a deep dive into the future of tech, but also into the way in which tomorrow’s innovations will be funded and developed too.

One of the most prominent debates focused Artificial Intelligence and how it is likely to be harnessed in the coming decade. Open Ocean lined up a stellar line up of panelists including Mike Hyde, Facebook’s Director of Data Science, Peter Lee CEO of Rapidminer and Alex Housley CEO of Seldon.

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