The UK now has as many education technology companies as those in the financial technology space – and the country attracts a third of all Europe’s ed-tech investments, according to research for this year’s London EdTech Week.

Learning is close to the hearts at Clarity. That is why the company last year selected the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF), which encourages young people to study and work in the electronics sector, to benefit from pro bono communications services.

And, in the last few years, we have helped many of the emerging crop of ed-tech startups spread their message. But every student graduates, so what have our ed-tech alumni been doing since working with us?

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With a too-small team of inexperienced, egotistical and greedy bros at the helm, not enough time and even less money, the Fyre festival is our third dis-honoree for PR Disaster of the Year. This event, promoted as a lavish, star-studded extravaganza on a private island in the Bahamas, was destined to be a failure from the very beginning.

Perhaps if their marketing had been as inept as their planning, they could have kept this misguided, overly-ambitious idea from becoming the utter clusterf* that it was.

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Each year VC Atomico compiles a report into the state of European technology focusing on the growth of companies, the amount of investment and the key trends around industry niches. To compile the data it hooks up with many partners from LinkedIn to the London Stock Exchange and supports this by interviewing founders from across the continent.

This year is especially interesting from a British perspective as the report shows the impact of the triggering of Article 50 on the tech community in both the UK and Europe.

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Christmas is one of the key sales periods for any product business. Alongside an integrated marketing campaign, engaging a PR company for that well-needed sales boost over the festive period is a very effective way to increase brand awareness and get your product in front of the people who are most likely to buy it.

If you are thinking about PR for next year, here are six things to consider to ensure that your Christmas PR campaign is a success.

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Incredible as it may seem the German governmental elections were actually in September and we still have a stalemate. In recent elections there have been three outcomes; a left-green, a conservative-liberal or a grand coalition. Yet this year many things have changed. As the first round of talks just failed, many of the people in the field of startup business are disappointed. We may have missed a big opportunity for Germany here.

But first a very brief summary of the results for everyone that did not follow the German elections in detail.

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Black Friday is one of the busiest dates in the retail calendar, and it offered a real time to shine for Clarity client PCA Predict (a GBG company). However it’s also one of the most saturated with many companies competing to be heard. It was our challenge, therefore, to cut through the noise and gain media exposure for PCA Predict in a very competitive space.

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As 2017’s terrible, no good, very bad headlines continue to unfurl, so too does my look back at some of year’s worst PR disasters and the lessons that can be gleaned from the mishandlings of others. And speaking of mishandling, our case today is one that started with, quite literally, that, by United Airlines.

The whole catastrophe began in early April, coincidentally right as competing airline Delta coming out of its own crisis following a snowballing series of bungled operations that left many passengers and at least one corpse stranded on tarmacs. In an incident that perhaps had Delta’s C-suite breathing a sigh of relief, a video shot with a mobile device on a still-boarding United flight revealed one unlucky, randomly-chosen ticket-holder getting violently dragged off of the aircraft by airport security. As the saying goes, if it bleeds it leads, and in little time, the clip was viewed millions of times all over the world.

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Account Exec Luke McDowell on Clarity’s campaign for Bolt Mobility

I joined Clarity in June after four years working across television production; that included drama, entertainment and local news, and in that time I’ve dealt with a lot of subject matters regarding how we get from A to B.

PreviewThe future of transport is a big question at the moment; with lots of people getting very excited about developments such as autonomous cars and Tesla’s proposed Hyperloop. There seems to be several solutions emerging which will eventually deliver a viable alternative to  petrol and diesel powered trains.

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As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to look back at the year it has been, a year that just seemed to start low and then test the limits of how low low can go. And as we’re currently inundated with a continuing stream of awful stories about the misdeeds and sometimes crimes of high profile men, I thought a bit of reflection on the PR disasters of a more innocent time might remind people that it’s not that hard to stay out of trouble in the first place.

So, with that, here is the first in a series of posts that explore some of the most reputation-busting stories from 2017, looking at what exactly went wrong and how it could have been avoided in the first place.

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When the video went live early this month, social media went wild, YouTube lit up. “Growing Up,” Samsung’s ad mocking rival iPhone deficiencies, is a big hit.

In it, we see a young iPhone owner become increasingly forlorn as, despite repeatedly buying Apple’s latest handset, he sees it quickly run out of storage, get killed by water damage and underperform Samsung Galaxy features like handwriting recognition.

In the final scene, finally undone by having to insert a dongle just to use his headphones, our hero – now older, wiser – switches to a Galaxy note device.

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