Case Study

The IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona (IoTSWC) is the leading annual event for the Industrial Internet of Things, and combines an exhibition that attracts many blue chip companies (Intel, Dell, General Electric and others) with a lively conference featuring business leaders, technology seers and academics.

The Challenge

IoTSWC approached Clarity to increase their profile in mainstream business and technology media. They also tasked us to attract journalists to the event, help manage the onsite press office and create video and photographic content for the company’s website and social channels.

The Strategy

Clarity worked on a twin approach of seeding the IoTSWC press releases as well as creating and placing thought leadership content bylined to the event’s key execs in business and technology media. We also took a ‘journalistic approach’ to the creation of the video content ensuring that the representatives from the key companies were quizzed in a way that enabled them to best communicate their key perspectives.

The Results

During a four month campaign we created 37 pieces of coverage between the UK and Germany and reached an audience of more than 56 Million UMVs. Thought leadership content was placed in among others; The Huffington Post, Business Insider, ZDNet, Startup Valley and The Register. Our video and picture team created about 250 images and 40 videos during the show. Video included interviews with thought leaders from IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Accenture and the World Economic Forum.

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IoTSWC case study