Campaign Focus: Bolt Mobility – driving the electric revolution through Europe

Account Exec Luke McDowell on Clarity’s campaign for Bolt Mobility

I joined Clarity in June after four years working across television production; that included drama, entertainment and local news, and in that time I’ve dealt with a lot of subject matters regarding how we get from A to B.

PreviewThe future of transport is a big question at the moment; with lots of people getting very excited about developments such as autonomous cars and Tesla’s proposed Hyperloop. There seems to be several solutions emerging which will eventually deliver a viable alternative to  petrol and diesel powered trains.

Bolt Mobility are an emerging Dutch company who have created an electric scooter. Interestingly, a petrol scooter or moped can actually be more polluting than a lorry or delivery van. This is due to the use of older style engines found in a wide range of these vehicles on our roads today. Bolt’s AppScooter will be able to travel 400km on a single charge, an actual comparable alternative to a petrol engine’s range.

As Clarity’s resident petrolhead, I was very excited to work this account. I think that electric-powered transport is the future, especially after Tesla managed to change everyone’s opinions with cars and make electric sexy. Bolt are doing the same thing but in a different way. Their AppScooter isn’t just efficient, it’s good looking and something that people will want to drive!

We worked with Bolt on a pan-European campaign that was centered around their fundraise on Seedrs and it proved incredibly successful. They finished with over 200% of their initial target, raising €3,225,551!

Working with our Berlin team we were able to spread the word about Bolt’s successful funding across the continent. Coverage was secured in the UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Germany. Large, national publications also covered Bolt across Europe including; The Independent, La Vanguardia, Il Sole 24 Ore, Jornal Economica and MSN Deutschland.

In the end the campaign secured 116 pieces of coverage against a target of 15, with several major hits like Yahoo! and Gründerszene. The best part of a campaign like this though is that the company ethos and their product is innovative and something that can actually make a difference, so watch this space when Bolt AppScooters hit the road in 2018.

Words Luke McDowell


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