I was invited by my pal Jeanne Meyer, founder of Watch This Space and advisor to Venwise, a membership-based community for C-level executives, to join a roundtable for a number of CMOs. With me was my old friend, Laura Nelson, Chief Communications Officer at Nielsen, and Steph Tuck, VP of Comms at PopSugar, to provide an insider perspective on PR dos and don’ts.

With marketing leaders from innovative brands including insurance marketplace Policygenius, healthy dog food brand Ollie, home services marketplace Handy, flexible spending shop FSAStore.com

Among the things I’m known for at Clarity is my ability to write winning award nominations for clients, as well as for our agency. It’s not something every agency does, and, as far as I can tell, it’s not something most PR professionals perceive as a core competency. But everyone loves winning, right? So, perhaps we should elevate the craft to one on par with press release writing and other staples of the PR trade.

Now, I’ve had a lot of practice putting award entries together throughout my career, and because of that I’m more comfortable and confident when doing them.…

Recently, I was lucky enough to be speaker at The PRCA’s first international event, entitled “PR and Communications in a Shrinking World – How to Make Best Practice Work Across Borders.” This one-day conference focused on topics relevant to communicators in the increasingly-globalized business environment, with discussions on diversity, cross-cultural communications, and, of course, Brexit.

My panel, “Going Global,” had myself and several other international agency executives sharing our personal experiences and advice on how to successfully work on international business.…

We’re really pleased to announce that Clarity is now providing pro bono PR support to not-for-profit organisation, the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN).

CAN was created to ensure the advertising industry follows ethical best practices, especially in technology becomes a bigger and bigger part. There are currently 30 member companies from the spectrum of stakeholder groups, including such notable names as Accenture Interactive, method, The Body Shop, VaynerMedia, KIND and Fenestra.

Clarity first worked with CAN on the official launch event earlier this year, and the response was incredible.…

It was gorgeous and hot, just as you’d imagine the French Riviera to be in June, helped somewhat by the wretched weather back home.

The Mediterranean mercilessly calling you to ignore the sessions you said you would attend, the Croisette packed with the bold and the beautiful⁠—this is where the Maxi dress takes on an entire life form of it’s own. And the rosé really does flow all day. Locating drinking water was something akin to finding Wally in a sea of bubbles and straws.…

Three questions to Volker Schmidt and Alexander Fink on the new powerhouse for IT and disruption PR

Akima Media and Clarity PR have announced their cooperation. It will create a new full-service provider of PR and digital communications consulting in the DACH region, with an international network for extensive national and international client support in more than 20 markets worldwide. That is good reason to talk about the new setup with the two directors. Who benefits and how? What precisely is the business model and why are new agencies needed in the first place?…

It’s been nearly two weeks since Bill Shine announced he was resigning his post as White House Communications Director, a position he was the sixth person to fill. In theory, the search is now on for Comms Director Seven, and under normal circumstances, you’d think any public relations professional would jump at the chance to hold such a high-profile, career-making job.

But these are far from normal circumstances, at least according to a survey conducted by Clarity. We asked 100 communications professionals: If you were offered the job of White House Communications Director, would you take it?…

If current trends continue, “What’s your favorite podcast?” may replace “What’s your favorite TV show?” as conversation opener.

Last week, Edison Research and Triton Digital released the 21st annual Infinite Dial report, which reconfirmed what we all already know: podcasts are getting really popular. In fact, this year’s data revealed that about one-third of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast in the past month. That’s over 90 million people! The report also showed that the once largely male dominated medium is increasingly being enjoyed by women.…

Today we launch our new brand and new website.

Developed 100% in-house, our visual identity has undergone a radical transformation.  

Our original brand was functional but uninspiring. It was cold, boring and clinical. All adjectives you couldn’t possibly ascribe to Clarity today.

The same could be said for our old website, which failed miserably when it came to bringing-to-life the spirit and culture of our company.

In contrast, our new brand and website is vibrant, dynamic and bold, which are all characteristics I’m proud to say Clarity exhibits in spades, every single day.

Creating predictions for the new year is, in some ways, a bit of a mug’s game. That’s because twelve months on and anyone can see instantly whether you were right or wrong.

Still, here at Clarity we have never been afraid of sticking our necks out a little. We asked the team then to come up with predictions for 2019 and here’s what they came up with from brand activism through to the growth of owned content.…


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