Today marks the advent of a new phase in Clarity’s growth story: we have entered into a strategic partnership with The Brewery, the independent network of companies linked to communications agency freuds, one of the most renowned communications agencies in the world.

The deal sees The Brewery invest in Clarity and take a minority shareholding. As part of the agreement, the Los Angeles office and operations of Brew PR will become part of Clarity.

This partnership gives Clarity significant scale and reach in the U.S., some amazing new talent and exciting clients, plus the financial backing to accelerate the execution of our ambitious growth strategy.

The deal also represents a powerful public endorsement of our vision from one of the most respected and successful agency leaders in the world. We are confident that having Matthew Freud, Arlo Brady and the whole freuds leadership team invested in Clarity’s success will increase the already-significant opportunities for Clarity’s growth and expansion.

In a little less than seven years since launching, we’re now nearly 50 people across four vibrant offices in major global epicentres of innovation. Whilst I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved, I genuinely feel like we’ve only just started.

With the ink now dry on our deal with The Brewery, we have an incredible foundation on which to build a new kind of global agency.

I’m convinced that our exceptional leadership team, positive culture, clear vision and collective ambition presents us with a unique opportunity to establish Clarity in the coming months and years as one of the most fearless, innovative and successful communications agencies in the world.

If you’d like to join us on this journey, please email me: [email protected]

Today we launch our new brand and new website.

Developed 100% in-house, our visual identity has undergone a radical transformation.  

Our original brand was functional but uninspiring. It was cold, boring and clinical. All adjectives you couldn’t possibly ascribe to Clarity today.

The same could be said for our old website, which failed miserably when it came to bringing-to-life the spirit and culture of our company.

In contrast, our new brand and website is vibrant, dynamic and bold, which are all characteristics I’m proud to say Clarity exhibits in spades, every single day.

There will doubtless be some eyebrows raised over the transformation: our new brand is effervescent and playful, which some might consider inconsistent with the fact that we are a b2b company. The vast majority of professional services brands — including many of our agency competitors — are sober and conservative. They slip discreetly into the background.

However, we’re building Clarity with an approach more typical of a technology startup. We feel much closer to that community than to the agency world. Our new brand reflects this.

We therefore approached the task of rebranding by taking inspiration from b2b technology companies — not from our agency competitors.

A quick look at some of the most successful b2b companies in recent years quickly reveals that companies selling to businesses are increasingly looking and feeling like consumer brands.

The so-called ‘consumerization’ of b2b brands is immediately evident in some of the most successful b2b brands of recent years —  MailChimp, Slack, Trello and WeWork to name just a few obvious examples.

At the root of this trend is an acknowledgement that buyers of b2b services are equally as human as buyers of consumer goods.

Consumer brands focus on driving an emotional response from people they’re selling to.

The likes of WeWork recognized this, and have reaped the benefits of differentiating so clearly by building a playful, human brand. Just take a look at if you need persuading that WeWork are onto something.

We developed a brand that elicits a human response amongst our people and our clients, whilst bringing-to-life the best things about Clarity today: our entrepreneurial spirit, our dynamism and our warmth.

Today is a hugely exciting one for Clarity PR as we announce the purchase of San Francisco PR company DRSmedia.

With this acquisition, Clarity has offices in four key locations: London, New York, Berlin and now San Francisco.

Our founder and CEO Sami McCabe, told PR Week;

“This is in step with our growth strategy, one of the pillars of which is expanding our physical locations. We’ve always had clients on the West Coast. And in the Bay area we have primarily worked with tech companies so it’s long been in our plans to have a physical presence there.”

“We are trying to build an agency that sits somewhere between the really big international global PR firms and the single market, single geographic area boutique firms,” he added.

Sami has been in San Francisco for a year now assessing his options and returned to his first – and most obvious choice – in DRSmedia and its founder David Speiser. McCabe has known Speiser for years. Please find more details in the release here.


Here at Clarity we love an excuse for a great social event, and last weekend we were lucky enough to take a weekend trip to Berlin to network and spend some quality time with our global counterparts.

The weekend was jam-packed: meeting clients, new team members, new faces in the startup scene at the TechStars networking event in a thumping underground venue – in true Berliner party style!

The Berlin contingent were excellent hosts and hooked us up with the best venues so we got a real flavour of the city – sampling some real Bavarian food, and a considerable amount of German beer on our boat party!

After two super busy days, we had a bit of spare time to learn about Berlin’s culture too. Walking everywhere with a guidebook (and Bethany’s excellent narrating skills) meant we could soak up the city and learn along the way about Berlin’s history. We managed to cram a lot of hotspots into an afternoon, including the stunning Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie.

The trip served as an invigorating reminder of why we do what we do, and how lucky we are to work with some of the most exciting startups across the globe. The weekend was also a great opportunity to meet our newest team members, Marie, Paul and Anthony who bring a wealth of experience and ideas to Clarity and will be dotted across the globe in London, Berlin and New York respectively.

It also gave us the chance to reflect and think about what’s next; with inspiring presentations in Berlin’s Rainmaking Loft from Bryce on the agency’s phenomenally fast growth, Sara on the future of our identity, Sami on our rebrand and Clarity’s short but eventful journey so far, with a brainstorming session at the end on what’s to come.

Rest assured there are more exciting things in the pipeline for Team Clarity… Prost!


Getting your startup off the ground and running can be challenging. A large part of developing a business plan is thinking strategically about the ways you want your business to grow from an early stage startup to a fully established enterprise. Doing your homework is critical to understanding how to amplify your brand and prepare for market entry.

Alas, you hit ‘Enter’ on your Google search: “Does my startup need PR?”  Over 11 million results are now at your disposal – and you thought deciding on dinner was going to be difficult.  The Internet is crowded with various opinions and conflicting ideas, each providing their own merit and judgment for why a startup will or will not benefit from PR.

Here are five reasons in favor of having PR as a core strategy for your startup:


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