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Many recent technological advances have sought to improve the efficiency of information flow — that is to say, communication. The internet, social media, and digital advertising break barriers of language, sound, and text, and connect us with folks around the world in a split second. In the communications fields, including PR, marketing, advertising, journalism and others, we must pay close attention to new innovations if we are to harness their power to reach our goals.

That’s just what the PRCA (Public Relations and Communications Association) is doing with the launch of their brand new Innovation Forum. They’ve gathered a collection of brilliant minds in communication, aimed at developing thought leadership on technology and media impacting public relations. 

The inaugural resource, a collection of essays published by PRCA, is titled “Beyond Share of Search: What Matters for PR”. The six essays within cover what Share of Search is, its benefits (and flaws) as a measurement metric, and other methodologies that harness search engine data that can prove impact.

Ready to learn more about Share of search and what makes for better measurement? Look no further than “Beyond Share of Search”, with the opening essay from PRCA Innovation Forum member and Clarity’s own Head of Impact and Planning, Alex Judd. 

Click here to read the full paper:


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