The first web-based system created by restaurant event planners for restaurant event planners, Tripleseat streamlines the event planning process and boosts sales for restaurants, hotels and other unique venues.

Company GOAL:

Build widespread recognition as the platform of choice for venues and event planners

Clarity’s Challenge:

Elevate awareness and increase perceived differentiation in a competitive industry

Tripleseat engaged Clarity in late 2017 to elevate the company’s reputation and solidify its competitive differentiation from upstart competitors. The goal was to position Tripleseat as the event management platform with the most robust features, best customer service and top leadership committed to client success.

Clarity’s ongoing, multi-pronged campaign for Tripleseat  includes B2B and B2C media relations and thought leadership, which have served to build the the profiles of executives and raise awareness of the platform’s competitive advantages. Additionally,  Clarity has promoted the company’s vibrant culture, which has helped recruiting and retaining talent.


Tripleseat added more than 1900 new customers in 2018 and another 500 in Q1 2019 alone
With double-digit growth, Tripleseat landed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies (#1744) for the first time
Included on both the Boston Business Journal and Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work lists in 2019
Awarded Gold honors in the 2018 International Business Awards® for “Best New Product or Service of the Year: Event Management Solution
Product manager Caroline Wise honored as a Rising Star on Hospitality Technology’s 2018 Top Women in Restaurant Technology list

selected press

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Skift Table's Top Restaurant Tech Startups to Watch 2018

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Hospitality Technology Announces 2018 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Award Winners

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Office Envy: Inside the Concord Office of Tripleseat — Home to Foodies

Tripleseat’s team of 35 employees can relax thanks to training rooms with huge murals of food painted by Morse’s daughter Sophie, a full bar and kitchen, bean bags, couches, outdoor furniture, basketball hoops, video games and tabletop shuffleboard. Plus, the workplace is dog-friendly, so there are always a few pups around to play with.

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Company Goal: To bring credibility, transparency and trust to the crypto space

Clarity’s Challenge: Build VRBex’s visibility and establish its reputation as a trustworthy, US-regulated financial services brand

VRBex, a US-regulated cryptocurrency financial services brand, enlisted Clarity to build its reputation as a company bringing credibility, transparency and trust to the crypto space. The campaign needed to increase brand visibility beyond the sphere of crypto, with reaching potential partners and investors being a key objective.

Prior to the launch of VRBex, Clarity rolled out a program grounded in thought leadership, developing and placing VRBex-bylined articles that presented unique points of view in stark contrast to existing narratives in the space. To further build credibility, the team positioned Founder and CEO Gene Grant as the most knowledgeable resource on the regulation of crypto and security tokens through briefings with high-profile trade media and influencers.

At the time of launch and pre-sale, Clarity leveraged the newly-elevated profile for an aggressive media relations campaign, for which the ability to provide industry insights and offer substantive commentary on breaking news stories served to amplify results.



Company Goal: End the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

Clarity’s Challenge: Don’t Follow the Money

When raised a significant Series B from some stellar VC’s, they knew they had news and engaged with Clarity, but they really didn’t want to tell that story. They wanted press to focus on their mission, not their backers; about the company’s actual successes in supporting their users, not convincing VC’s to support their company. Frankly, we think funding stories are as dry as dirt to boot. If we had a dollar for every “startup X raises $$$$ in funding” headline we’ve read over the years, we would just go ahead and start our own venture fund.

Turns out, Even’s (at the time) 6 month long partnership with Walmart had also created one of the most successful employee benefits ever offered by the largest employer in the US.

So, where most firms would happily blast out a copy and paste funding press release, we took the opportunity in a different direction. We worked closely with Even and Walmart’s PR teams to craft a story that used the funding as a “hook”, but focused on the human stories of Walmart associates using Even and the data that proved both companies were onto something big.



Company Goal: Move Fast. Break Nothing.

Clarity’s Challenge: Bring Silicon Valley to Wall Street

Often quoted in Silicon Valley circles is Facebook’s famous mantra “Move Fast and Break Things”. The unofficial motto of startups, it encapsulates not only a willingness to disrupt the status quo, but also a necessity to constantly be iterating, improving, and not worrying about the consequences until absolutely necessary. So what happens when you want to bring that same mindset to the world of Wall Street where innovation runs head-long into decades of necessary security and regulatory procedures? What happens when you have an innovative service, app, or platform that can only receive an update every 4-6 months? “Move fast and break things” won’t fly in that environment, so OpenFin set out to create a new world where  companies could “move fast and break nothing”, launching the first OS created specifically for Capital Markets.

The challenge for Clarity was two-fold: at first glance, OpenFin is both “too techie” to appeal to finance press and “too financie” (a new word we just made up) to appeal to tech press. The company needed a messaging and communications strategy that spoke to the complexity of the problem and the sophistication of their solution in terms that were accessible to each audience without sacrificing their credibility by oversimplifying in any given direction.

Clarity worked closely with the OpenFin team to establish muti-faceted messaging that could adapt to any audience and remains at the core of the company’s product marketing. We then embarked on a communications campaign that mixed OpenFin-owned events, industry speaking roles, contributed content, and product/company announcements with stellar results both in the finance and tech worlds:


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