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Clarity is a full service communications agency specializing in media relations, digital marketing, social media, content marketing and more

We work closely with the world’s most progressive, ambitious companies to build bespoke campaigns that deliver on their largest business goals and solve their greatest challenges. 

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Our expectations are way higher than yours. With decades of experience under our belts, we know what works and what doesn’t. We consistently deliver. Check out these recent client case studies.

Owl Labs

Company Goal: Drive sales of the company’s hardware and software through in-depth product campaigns and the release of its annual “State of Remote Work Report”, which became especially relevant during COVID-19.

Clarity’s Challenge: Generate coverage focusing on Owl Labs’ high quality and relevant products and create data reports resulting in tier one stories. The team adapted the media strategy in real-time to make Owl Labs a go-to source during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Owl Labs is a collaborative technology company dedicated to creating a better workplace experience for today’s hybrid workforce of remote and in-office employees. The company’s products include its core 360° conference room camera, The Meeting Owl, use emerging technology such as AI to bring dispersed teams together for better work. While focused on The Meeting Owl line of products, the company is developing advanced software technology to reinvent the conference room ecosystem and make it smart.

Owl Lab’s goals were to drive sales of the company’s hardware and software through in-depth product campaigns and the release of its annual “State of Remote Work Report”, which became especially relevant during COVID-19. Additionally, Clarity was asked to elevate the reputation of CEO Frank Weishaupt as a thought-leader and business leader.

With the increasing worldwide worry and impact around COVID-19, Clarity and Owl Labs were in a great position to show journalists how companies and individuals working remotely can work as effectively as in person communications. Clarity’s challenge was to generate coverage focusing on Owl Labs’ high quality and relevant products and create data reports resulting in tier one stories. The team also adapted the media strategy in real-time to make Owl Labs a go-to source during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Company Goal: Drive awareness among those looking to create the immersive games of the future

Clarity’s Challenge: Convey the benefits of Improbable’s SpatialOS platform to a difficult-to-reach target audience

How do you reach people with a God-complex? Games developers have to create new universes that appeal to millions of people, from the hot plains of the wild west in Red Dead Redemption to the zero gravity atmospheres in Mass Effect. Behind the scenes this is a complex development issue needing top B2B partners. That’s where our tech client Improbable steps in.

Improbable has developed a number of solutions including SpatialOS – a revolutionary cloud-based platform that enables the creation of multiplayer games. Founded by Cambridge University computer-science graduates in 2012, the company wanted, and needed, developers to use SpatialOS to develop games in order for it to grow.

Improbable had never previously executed digital campaigns to drive business-led objectives like product sign-ups. As such, Dynamo provided top-to-bottom digital consultancy, from strategic planning for marketing channels to maximise ROI, to the management of campaigns and reporting of results.

The overall objectives for the campaign included educating developers on what SpatialOS is; driving awareness of the platform without any proof the platform works – a high-risk, low-reward strategy until the games are proven; and communicating the benefits it could bring for a developer looking to make games for the future.



Company Goal: Make money work for everyone

Clarity’s Challenge: Convince the US that it deserves a better bank

When most people think of exciting exciting, disruptive tech, the last place that comes to mind is the staid world of banking. Resistant to change since cavemen chiseled the first deposit slip, the banking industry’s reputation of glacial innovation is well earned. Of course, this was borne out of some necessity: in years past, one of the scariest words a bank customer could hear (besides “overdrawn”) was “disruption”. Banks were meant to be secure, stable, trusted, and unchanging.

Of course, that all changed during the global financial crisis. Consumer confidence in their banks crashed almost as hard as stock markets. At the same time, smartphones were slowly taking over the world and reinventing industries left and right. Over time, these factors led to the rise of the “Challenger Banks”: startups armed with the technology, ability, and desire to work directly with their customers to build the bank of the future.

The UK served as the global hotbed for these challenger banks and, in 2015, one in particular captured the hearts and minds of young brits: Monzo. Initially launched as a grassroots movement and crowdfunding campaign, in 4 short years Monzo grew to over 2 million customers in the UK, adding 200,000 each month (the fastest growing bank in the country – challenger or established) and a valuation well over £3 Billion. Even in the land of Unicorns, Monzo’s meteoric rise read like an unbelievable fairytale.

In 2019, firmly established as a household name in the UK, Monzo turned its attention to the United States. While the consumer profile looked similar to their rabid fanbase at home, this “New World” represented a return to square one for Monzo. Faced with the challenge of how to best introduce itself to American press and consumers, Monzo turned to Clarity San Francisco.

From there, Monzo’s senior leadership worked closely with Clarity to establish a press strategy and messaging fully tailored to the US market. Despite their reputation overseas, Clarity understood that stateside media would not simply roll out the red carpet for Monzo’s arrival on American shores. After all, the US banking industry has shown itself particularly adept to fending off challengers in the past, and press are not unaware of the battle ahead for Monzo.

To combat this skepticism, Clarity developed a strategy for Monzo that included in-person meetings for Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield with press across the spectrum from the Wall Street Journal, to TechCrunch, to Reuters. For each briefing, messaging was closely researched and tailored to speak to the benefits of Monzo while understanding the nuances of each publication and the difficult questions the team would likely face.

As a result, the briefings (and resulting coverage) could not have been more positive on the future prospects for Monzo in the US.


Here were (just some) of the results:




Company Goal: ///

Clarity’s Challenge: Help Airbnb Rent a Reindeer

How do you Airbnb a remote yurt in Mongolia that moves multiple times a year, has no street address, and and is only accessible after a 3 day trek via reindeer? No, this isn’t some horrific future SAT question – this was an actual challenge posed by Airbnb as they searched for the next great adventure travel experience. Thankfully, what3words was the only tech startup in the world capable of answering that challenge. Using their global addressing system that divides earth into 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares, each with its own 3-word address, what3words unlocked an entirely new adventure travel experience for millions of Airbnb users practically overnight.

Now comes Clarity’s (arguably) more difficult challenge: how do you get travel writers, whose technology coverage doesn’t go much deeper than “10 best action cameras for your next vacation,” to care about the deeply technical problem of creating a new, geocoded, addressing system?

While we’d love to say we dropped a bunch of reporters in the woods of Mongolia with food, water and a compass (we’ll do that next time), our strategy for this campaign came down to good, old-fashioned storytelling and a hefty dose of grit.

We saw the Airbnb news not just as an opportunity to tell the story of remote global addressing, but also the explosion of adventure travel across Airbnb, the need for sustainable tourism, and how what3words helped preserve these people’s traditional ways of life. As a result, we garnered attention across travel media, both in the US and internationally.

We also leveraged the Airbnb news to meet with some of the world’s top technology press in different verticals critical to the what3words mission: automotive, smart cities, industrial logistics and more.


Whether it’s building a product or telling a story – we firmly believe the best results come from small, tight-knit teams of experts working closely, quickly, and constantly to solve problems.

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