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We work closely with the world’s most progressive, ambitious companies to build bespoke campaigns that deliver on their largest business goals and solve their greatest challenges. 

We love a challenge. We don’t rest on our laurels. We are problem solvers and we build our own proprietary technology to help solve them.

Whether you are already the leader in your space, or an innovative startup ready to take on the world, you need a communications partner that has been there before.

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Our expectations are way higher than yours. With decades of experience under our belts, we know what works, what doesn’t, and we deliver for our clients. Don’t worry, we’ll get you there.


Company Goal: Immerse the world in holographic technology

Clarity’s Challenge: Break through the CES noise machine

Already working with Clarity’s London office, HYPERVSN came to Clarity in NY with the specific goal of maximizing their participation at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2019.

HYPERVSN would be launching two new products at the show, and they had high expectations for garnering media attention at the show. They wanted to generate a considerable quantity of tier-one coverage, conduct 50+ on-site interviews and secure at least one appearance on a major network television morning show.

Clarity NY worked closely with their UK colleagues in the planning stages, learning from experiences with the flagship HYPERVSN product at the IFA show in Berlin. With the extra insights, the NY team was able to develop strategies that would build on the prior successes.

To break through the considerable “noise” at CES, Clarity proposed HYPERVSN secure a celebrity spokesperson whose notoriety would guarantee on-site media attention. Multiple options were explored, and Criss Angel, whose renown as an illusionist is symbiotic with HYPERVSN’s holographic technology, was ultimately selected for the campaign.

With the celebrity on board, Clarity began its ambitious and far-reaching media outreach, securing interest from key target outlets including lifestyle, advertising, virtual and augmented reality, business and general technology publications.

At CES, two of the Clarity team provided onsite support, facilitating interviews with prominent outlets including CNET, Marketplace, GQ, Fortune, Forbes,  The Verge, Wired, Digital Trends, USA Today, TechCrunch, Mashable, CBS Interactive, VentureBeat and CNN.

Following the event, Clarity secured an additional opportunity with the Today Show, and the HYPERVSN device was prominently displayed throughout the aired segment.


Smart Valor

Company Goal: Lead the tokenized investment revolution

Clarity’s Challenge: Crown the ‘Bitcoin Queen of the Crypto Valley’

Preparing a company for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) can be a challenge, especially when the company only has an MVP and a limited track record. For SMART VALOR Clarity needed to build credibility and brand visibility within banking, fintech and tech circles, as well as understand the hype among the crypto community ahead of its product rollout and public crowdsale.

We sensed the potential of the company’s CEO Olga Feldmeier and looked to establish her as a global voice on bitcoin, blockchain and fintech in general.

We rooted the campaign in a comprehensive content strategy built on informative advice and engaging thought leadership. With her credentials established, we then gave Olga Feldmeier the moniker the ‘Bitcoin Queen of the Crypto Valley’ and secured a host of high profile print and broadcast opportunities where she commented on everything from the price of bitcoin to the growth of female CEOs in tech companies and the ongoing economic implications of collapse of the Soviet Empire.

We also tracked breaking stories which we considered would give Olga the opportunity to add her unique and insightful perspective. We also leveraged Olga’s attendance at a series of events including Consensus 2018, Money 2020 and Blockchain Summit to generate broadcast opportunities.

The campaign paid off handsomely. Within two months Olga was seen as a major innovator and thought leader in the fintech/crypto world and was featured in major broadcasters/print titles/websites such as CNN, Business Insider and Forbes.



Company Goal: Create a single source of truth in data

Clarity’s Challenge: Launch the Sequel to SQL

Once upon a time Looker, now valued at over $1.6 Billion with offices in New York, London, and San Francisco (just like us – minus the $1.6 Billion), was a tiny stealth startup out of Santa Cruz with the incredibly geeky dream of teaching the world to speak a new query language: LookML.

Armed with a great product, $2m in seed funding and about 20 small(ish) customers, Looker wanted to make a big impact out of the gate. Unfortunately, telling reporters in 2013 that you’ve created a new product that will simplify and democratize business intelligence was akin to a 10 year old Elon Musk saying he will land on Mars someday – “sure you will, kid.”

Looker needed a strategy that fought for credibility and took nothing for granted. No one was going to instantly recognize their value, and $2m in funding just wasn’t going to be enough to win the day. The Clarity team developed a strategy that focused heavily on the credibility of the company’s founder, Lloyd Tabb, and the problems that existed in business intelligence, rather than a dry laundry list of Looker’s benefits.

We didn’t take the easy route, but we knew we needed to elevate the message in order to get Looker the attention it deserved. We invested heavily in media training to craft the right message and sat Lloyd down with reporters from the most technical B2B publications in the world to make sure our message was battle-tested.

As a result, the launch of Looker generated significant demand for the previously-unknown upstart that would later take over the BI world. Clarity continued our work with Looker for a number of subsequent announcements and played a critical early role in establishing the solid base for future growth.



Company Goal: Dominate B2B Location Data

Clarity’s Challenge: Break through Black Friday

Cutting through the noise during the stretch from Black Friday to Cyber Monday is almost as challenging and stressful as actually shopping during that weekend. But, when Loquate challenged the Clarity London team to do just that, we didn’t flinch. Over the course of 2 months leading into Black Friday, Clarity and Loquate developed what would be known as the award-winning “Golden Quarter” campaign. Understanding that media outlets would be cranking out retail analysis articles fast and furious during this weekend, Clarity turned Loquate into *the* go-to resource for any media outlet looking for shopping data and expert analysis.

In addition to creating a series of stories based on PCA’s real-time ecommerce data, the PCA Predict team actually spent Black Friday at the Clarity London offices, which were converted into a non-stop News Room, serving up live data to hundreds of journalists as Black Friday and Cyber Monday evolved.

To say that the Golden Quarter campaign was a success would be an understatement. The fantastic results the team achieved were recognised at group-level and several customers got in touch to request our bespoke data reports, which has supported our sales and customer delivery teams in strengthening key relationships. Not only did we generate wall-to-wall media coverage in the most influential media outlets in the country, but we also saw a 29% increase in new business between October and January when compared to the year before.


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Whether it’s building a product or telling a story – we firmly believe the best results come from small, tight-knit teams of experts working closely, quickly, and constantly to solve problems.

That’s the Clarity family – our four offices globally are each made up of focused teams, highly skilled in specific areas of tech, giving you global reach mixed with the agility and hands-on dedication of a local firm. 

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